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The HOLD for Season 2 has been removed! The season will now resume as originally scheduled! So far we got a shocking 14 PEOPLE who decided to come back! I guess we are now ready to continue the roleplay! :D

So yeah, please REPLY to this message and tell me when is the BEST TIME to do Episode 12.

I want all of you guys to meet at same time! :D

Also, character roles may have been scrambled during the hold, so please agree with each other on which character you will play.

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Yey! I can do episodes almost everyday, I'm not usually busy, and just to clarify, even though I think everyone knows, I'm Duncan and Scott


Yes, you guys called them first, you guys are now your characters :)


Weekdays 3.EST-5EST? Weekends 5 EST.

Well we are resume today since it's TDAS day so a lot of people are gonna be active today
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