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TDA Is almost over

So TDA is gonna finish soon. We have the final 9...Oh no wait. Sorry. Final 10. But who will win?
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Final 10 is not the merge yet

The merge will be the Final 8 at the end of Episode 18

I realized. Al and Justin returned...

No they didn't, it was a fake episode

Episode 16 hasn't happened yet

Good  Good.


Yeah, someone will still have to return though before Episode 19

My guts say it's Zoey...

No. THIS will happen.

(Dakota): *Swimgs in*: I AM BAAACK...With Zoey too... *Dakota lands on the dock and Zoey falls off her back and onto the dock, groaning and tired.*


I never said that there wouldn't be any debuts :D

Anything can happen (except Cody winning again) :P

Well Eva has an Idol. (She found it in the last ep we did, just before the elimination..SO she will be safe)


Yeah, good luck to Eva. Hope she makes it to the merge! :D

Also, Villains already won twice in the row, so my gut says that they will lose next time.

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