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Well, last night I got Admin Rights for this fallen wiki. Now that I am in charge, I would like to start this RP back up! It'll be just like it was when Hijotee was running it, only this go around he'll be answering to me. He will still be an admin and he may run the RP's, but technically I will still be "in charge" of the wiki. Hopefully we can get back up and running so we can RP like we used to.

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I vote u as head manager

You guys don't seem to be doing nothing here, so I'll go ahead and fix all the current articles and clean up this Wiki from the current mess it is


Hijotee, nobody wants to recreate the episode of getting boob implants, I mean pfft, you wouldn't care, you yourself would vreate another episode that is just as freaky as Cody and Justin rubbing each-other's nipples.


Well the Wiki is all cleaned up now, if you guys want to forget everything that I did here and start all over then go ahead, but in the meantime... all the old episodes and seasons are still here, so until those are deleted, this Wiki will still be treated as part of my RP

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