Chris the the host of the show. He is very sadistic. The only people that are nice to him are Cody and Heather.

There are many users who have hosted an episode. A list of all the users are listed below.

Chris This user has hosted an episode!

If you have hosted an episode, then make sure to add that userbox above onto your userpage!

Season 1 HostsEdit

Episode Title Host
1 "Drown or No Drown" System C
2 "iPhone 5 Search" System C
3 "Boney Island's Hair" System C
4 "Treasure Diving" System C
5 "Trent's Despair" Duncan 05
6 "The Amazing Canoe Race" System C
7 "Sexy Runway" System C
8 "Saving Private Paintball" System C
9 "Standing Your Stand" Coolboy 87
10 "Funny Talent" System C
11 "Fear Facing" Lettucecow
12 "Eat & Excercise" TD Fan 10
13 "Love Cave" N/A
14 "Running Champions" Duncan 05
15 "Dodgeball Rave" System C
16 "Dodgeball Reloaded" System C
17 "Food Fight!" System C
18 "Cliff Jumping" Coolboy 87
19 "Panda Express" System C
20 "Scary Scaring" System C
21 "Capture the Flag" Lettucecow
22 "Eating Extravaganza" TD Lover 123
23 "Ezekiel's Revenge" System C
24 "The Amazing Merging Race" System C
25 "TDR Football" System C
26 "Obstacle Madness" Duncan 05
27 "Trivia Mania" System C
28 "Guess That Couple!" System C
29 "Mr. Coconut's Moneybag" System C
30 "Battleship Warfare" System C
31 "Dawn and the Bear" System C
32 "The Good, the Bad and the Cody" System C

Season 2 HostsEdit

Episode Title Host
1 "Lights! Camera! Action!" System C
2 "Super-hero Madness!" System C
3 "Alien Inventions" System C
4 "The Sea of Life" Coolboy 87
5 "Monster Mania" System C
6 "What's Up? Surf's Up!" System C
7 "The Zoological's Revenge" System C
8 "The Future is Within Us" System C
9 "Host of Horror" System C
10 "Saving Private Chris" System C
11 "Lover Boys" System C
Coolboy 87

Season 3 HostsEdit

Episode Title Host
1 "Welcome to the World" System C
2 "Playtime in Paris" System C
3 "Asian Adventures" System C
4 "London Luck" System C
5 "Spanish Summer" True Cobalion
6 "Italian Idols" True Cobalion
7 "German Games" System C
8 "Sydney Sucks" System C
9 "Japanese Jumbo" System C
10 "TDWT Aftermath I" System C
11 "Indian Island" System C
12 "Egyptian Ego" System C
13 "Madagascar Madness True Cobalion
14 "Brazilian Baby System C
15 "Russian Revenge System C
16 "Mexican Money" Loupiki
17 "Greek Gods" Dapi 602
18 "Antarctic Alejandro" System C
19 "Niagara Newbies" System C
20 "Colombian Coolness Dapi 602
21 "TDWT Aftermath II" True Cobalion
Rimieg 007
22 "Filipino Flock" System C
23 "African Avatars" System C
24 "Arabian Arson" System C
25 "Amsterdam is Awesome" System C

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