Deadly Dogs/Evil Elephants
Killer Super Villains
Popular Peeps/Eating Eagles
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Eliminated TDI - Food Fight

TDA - Lover Boys

TDWT - Arabian Arson

Place TDI - 21th

TDA - 17th

TDWT - 15th

Friends Gwen, Dawn, Bridgette, Dakota
Enemies Chef, Chris, Blaineley
Voiced by x_ads_x
Courtney is a contestant in Total Drama The Next Generation.

In Total Drama Island, Courtney was on the Deadly Dogs/Evil Elephants and placed 21th and was eliminated at the episode 17 in "Food Fight". In this season Courtney
is portrayed by ArianaMcCurdy.

In Total Drama Action, Courtney was on the Killer Super Villains and placed 17th and was eliminated at episode 11 in "Lover Boys".

In Total Drama World Tour, Courtney was on the Popular Peeps/Eating Eagles. Courtney placed 15th and was eliminated at episode 24 in "Arabian Arson". Courtney was eliminated in this season for not showing up for 14 episodes in a row. In this season Courtney is portrayed by x_ads_x.

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