Dawn and Cody

Total Drama Island and Total Drama ActionEdit

In Total Drama Island, she does not like Cody as much. She is jealous that Cody was on the Finals but was satisfied when she received 3rd place prize. Total Drama Action is where their love was blooming. In Alien Inventions, nothing much happened. But in The Sea of Life, Cody asked her if he could kiss her. Dawn was unsure about this. Later on,Dawn was drowning but Cody saved her, allowing him to kiss her with her permission. In Dawn's confessional she states that she loved the kiss. Then Zoey asked her either Cody or Duncan. Sierra wanted her to choose Duncan so she could have Cody. Dawn then realized that Duncan didn't like her but he liked Zoey. Then Dawn chose Cody because she felt the attachment.Then from that time on, Dawn and Cody were  a couple. In Robot Rock, her team loses the challenge. Mal has taken over Mike and rigged Cody's vote. Dawn was eliminated due to his vote. She cheers for Cody in the finale.

Total Drama World TourEdit

Cody and Dawn are just the average couple. Ezekiel is stocking Dawn trying to get her to like him. Dawn quickly states that she is sitting next to Cody. In the confessional, Cody says that he wanted to be with her more because she was booted by Mike (mal) last season. Cody then drools over Gwen, much to both of their dislike. Ezekiel (Gwen's boyfriend) dumps her. Gwen then kisses Cody. Dawn runs off crying. Zoey and Trent cheer her up! Trent gives her tyhe flowers he stole in Playtime in Paris. She blushes. At the Underdogs' elimination Cody and Gwen are eliminated.


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