This article focuses on interactions between Ezekiel and Scott.


Ezekiel and Scott don't have many interaction until Total Drama World Tour. The two immediately have a disliking towards each other and try to get each other voted off, despite being on different teams. Ezekiel and Scott finally call a truce in their hatred for each other and start working together in Brazilian Baby, and they make an alliance to vote off the competition.

Total Drama ActionEdit

The two didn't have much interaction in this season, due to Ezekiel's early elimination, but the interaction they did have was mainly involving Zoey, seeing as how Zeke protected Zoey in challenge's, despite being on the other team. Duncan and Scott then labeled him a traitor and voted him off.

Total Drama World TourEdit

In Welcome to the World, when Chris places Scott on the Popular Peeps team, Ezekiel questions Scott being considered "popular." Scott comes back saying that Zeke was placed on the correct team, implying that he is a loser, and tells him that he won't make it any further then he usually does.

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